1. Can anyone feminize their voice?

The vast majority of women can feminize their voice with very successful results. Your progress depends on the voice you were born with, your learning style, how much you practice and finding the right techniques and methods for you.

2. How long will it take to feminize my voice?

The process is different for everyone. Fully feminizing your voice can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. (The more you practice, the quicker you'll get results!) The first step is getting the authentic female sounds in your class or private lesson. The next step is being able to do that on your own. Then you develop muscle memory - being able to this consistently for extended time periods, whether you're part-time or full-time. Both private lessons and online classes take you through all the steps necessary to achieve an authentic female sound and to do it by choice - whenever you want or need to - even in challenging situations, like being caught off guard, coughing, laughing, etc.

3. Can I still do your programs if I'm part-time and intend to stay that way?

Absolutely. Voice feminization does not have adverse effects on your  "male voice". You can still keep/use that voice as needed. You will learn techniques that give your voice flexibility to go back and forth. This way, whichever mode you're in, you have the ability to use the voice you choose.

4. How can I know what I sound like to others and if I need voice feminization in the first place?

All human beings sound different to other people than we do to ourselves. This is  why you cannot hear your voice as others hear it, unless you recording yourself. You can get reliable feedback from people you trust. This is one of the reasons we offer free consultations - so you can share your vocal goals and get a road map of what it will take to get there.

5. What are some main differences between private lessons and group classes?

Private lessons are laser focused on you - your goals, your strengths and areas to be development, your learning style, etc. You will have lots of interactions and feedback and your progress can be closely monitored as you move forward. Online classes can be streamed or downloaded, so you can listen multiple times, even on the go. They cover everything you need to fully feminize your voice and give you a variety of techniques to experiment with, to see what works best for you.

Both private lessons and online classes allow you to go at your own pace, and are discreet and confidential.

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