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My Female Voice

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How It Works
Lessons take place by Skype or phone, as often as you would like, (the optimum frequency is 1-3 times a week). Your feminine voice will develop in stages. Each time you have a lesson, you take another important step forward, which you can practice between lessons. The more you practice, the more quickly you will advance. Your lessons will be tailor-made especially for you, based on your current voice, specific goals and learning style.

Single Lesson


Results You Can Expect

1. Fully female voice which gets you correctly gendered

2. An authentic voice which sounds natural, not like you're trying or straining too hard

3. More confidence in going out, speaking, socializing, job interviews, meeting, etc.

4. Vocal stamina - the ability to keep your female sound going strong all day (and all night if you want to!)

5. Great phone voice! You will sound just as female, authentic and lovely on the phone

6. Volume! The ability to use your female voice and be heard, even in crowded &/or loud places

7. Consistency  - no more dropping pitch when you're caught off guard or when things get emotional.


A Voice That's Feminine, Authentic & Beautiful
If you want to be correctly gendered in person and by phone...and you want your voice to match how you look and/or how you feel inside, private coaching will target your specific needs and focus on the most effective ways to help you reach your goals to give you the voice you've been wanting. Many women wonder if this is really possible. The answer is, yes!

T h e   v o i c e   y o u   l o v e   i s  c l o s e r  t h a n   y o u   t h i n k.

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